SHOP >TomaDAWC - Grass Fed & Dry Aged Wagyu 

  • Each TomaDAWC is supplied singly
  • Average weight is 800g or 1.3kg
  • Dry aged for minimum 5 weeks to intensify flavour and tenderise meat
  • Delivered in temperature-controlled packaging
  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics



Product information

The crème de la crème, our signature steak, the TomaDAWC is a magnificent cut of dry aged Wagyu that will banish any memory you’ve ever had of mediocre meat. It’s big, it’s impressive and it’s the stuff of dreams. With the French-trimmed bone left in like a handle for a caveman to pick it up and gnaw on it, it resembles a tomahawk, hence the name.

Weighing in at around 1kg or more – yes, per steak – we sell the TomaDAWC individually. Hate to say it but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Like a fine wine or an aged cheese, you have to savour it and appreciate it. Share it with your nearest and dearest. Invite them over for a meal they’ll never forget.

Preparation tips

Seriously, the less you do to this magnificence, the more you’ll do it justice. It’s infused with so much flavour already that it only needs salt, pepper and maybe a sprinkle of your favourite herbs. If you really must add other flavours such as garlic, wine or chilli, make up a marinade that you can drizzle over the top after it comes off the heat. Let the TomaDAWC rest for a few minutes before slicing.

Because it’s thick, the TomaDAWC is best cooked in a hot pan or on the barbecue, then finished in the oven.

BIG TomaDAWC TIP NUMERO UNO!! Always – always – bring your Wagyu to room temperature before cooking. That will ensure even cooking throughout and make it easier to achieve your desired doneness.