SHOP >Sirloin - Grass Fed & Dry Aged Wagyu

  • Available in 2-packs and 4-packs
  • Choose from bone-in or boneless
  • Average pack weight:
    • 2-pack boneless is 0.6kg;
    • 4-pack boneless is 1.2kg;
  • Dry aged for minimum 5 weeks to intensify flavour and tenderise meat
  • Superior flavour thanks to trademark Wagyu marbling
  • Delivered in temperature-controlled packaging
  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics



Product information

Sirloin is cut from the animal’s large back muscle where it’s attached to the spine. Expect a sumptuous, big and beefy flavour that is robust enough to take on any other ingredients you’d like to add. This is the cut you need if you’re joined at the hip with your spice grinder, mortar and pestle or herb garden.

Preparation tips

DAWC sirloin is dry aged so once you’ve cooked it, it’s going to be tenderer than any other steak you’ve eaten before. Prepare to be seduced! As you’d expect, it’s got all that primo Wagyu marbling going on so you really don’t need to molly-coddle it too much. Just apply heat, listen to the sizzle and be ready to catch it before it’s gone too far.

BIG SIRLOIN TIP NUMERO UNO!! Don’t forget to let it rest. This is VIP meat; you don’t rush VIPs.