SHOP >Rib Fillet - Grass Fed & Dry Aged Wagyu

  • Available in 2-packs and 4-packs
  • Average pack weight: 2-pack is 0.6kg; 4-pack is 1.2kg
  • Dry aged for minimum 5 weeks to intensify flavour and tenderise meat
  • Superior flavour thanks to trademark Wagyu marbling
  • Delivered in temperature-controlled packaging
  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics



Product information

AKA scotch fillet or boneless rib eye, rib fillet is a choice cut. (Mind you, DAWC is only about choice cuts!) You’ll find your DAWC rib fillet to be juicy, tender and jam-packed with flavour. It’s a very classy, boneless cut so treat it with respect and perfect manners.

Preparation tips

If frozen, thaw your DAWC rib fillet in the fridge for 24 hours. Before cooking, allow it to come to room temperature which will give it the best chance of cooking evenly throughout.

BIG RIB FILLET TIP NUMERO UNO!! Do the world a favour and don’t cook beyond Medium. Please, we beg of you! We suggest Sir or Madam takes it to a lovely Medium Rare for optimal flavour and succulence but if you must, Medium should be the uppermost doneness. If you like your meat Well Done, then you, my friend, cannot be saved. Try it Medium just once; this is precious Wagyu after all.