The Wagyu we supply to our esteemed DAWCs (that’s you!) is certified, authentic, real-deal Wagyu beef. We’ve chosen to only supply dry-aged Wagyu because there is simply no comparison. Fresh Wagyu is not as tender or deeply flavoured as dry-aged and we’ve tried wet-aged but again, it just doesn’t compare.

Dry-aged Wagyu’s flavour, texture and performance are unparalleled. The abundance of fat is what’s behind the tender, juicy eating experience. In fact, the fat in Wagyu features a melting point that’s lower than the human body temperature so as you can imagine, when we say it melts in the mouth, we’re not spinning you a line!

More good news – the fat in Wagyu beef contains up to thirty percent more monounsaturated fat (the healthy kind) than other breeds. It’s loaded with Omega 3 for brain health and vision and Omega 6 that helps to regulate cholesterol.

Wagyu cattle enjoy a longer lifespan than other breeds too; three years compared to about fifteen months. It’s simply a superior animal that delivers superior beef.

Become a DAWC today. Your very first order will get you in the club and you’ll be a highly respected member until the day you’ve had your fill of utterly incredible dry aged Wagyu. (We can’t imagine that happening but hey, you do you.)

  • DAWC Aussie grassfed wagyu
  • Tomadawk dry aged wagyu ready-to-eat
  • Kane hanging dry aged wagyu rib with bone-in