One balmy Queensland summer evening, Phil and Dennis were about to cook a barbecue at home. Phil, tongs in one hand, beer in the other, went on one of his usual rants about not being able to find really high quality steak in Brisbane. Countless times, the boys had driven all over the city on the promise of ‘this’ butcher or ‘that’ butcher being able to supply what they were craving; juicy, tender, full-flavoured beef.

The ultimate prize would be Wagyu, they reckoned. Wagyu is known the world over for its succulence, its depth of flavour and the way it literally melts in the mouth. Yet even the Wagyu they bought was disappointing! Dennis, Phil and Leslie were constantly let down by the inconsistency of quality, the unjustifiable prices and the poor reliability of supply.

Phil proposed that they stop complaining and start doing something. The guys already had a strong connection with their butcher, Kane. The very next day, they called him up and asked him to dry age a 10kg piece of bone-in rib Wagyu. The results were sublime, and it became obvious they couldn’t keep this little secret all to themselves!

DAWC – or Dry Aged Wagyu Club – is about connecting likeminded beef lovers with the steak of their dreams! Stop settling for mediocre meat and get on board as a DAWC member. Life is too short for so-so food.

Warning: DAWC Wagyu will spoil you for any other beef so be prepared to surrender!

  • Butcher holding rib bone before dry aging